Friday, February 17, 2012


I thought I'd try to give back to this community, one of my main earners through adsense is MNS (Micro Niche Sites) which are mini sites focused on a few keywords. I have a lot of these sites and once promoted and ranked they bring consistent income on autopilot. Below I will outline the basic steps I take to building these sites, and will answer any questions you have in this thread.

1. Pick a product Keyword

- I use product keywords because you get a higher Earning per click in adsense when you target these types of “buyer keywords”
- Another reason I use them is because it is easy to write a product review
- Eg “toddler hoodies”

2. Find 2 other related Long tail keyword

- I then try to find 2 other keywords that have my original keyword in it but also have a brand
- Eg. If my keyword was “toddler hoodies” I would use “Joe Boxer toddler hoodies”

3. Research Competition and CPC

- I go to the google keyword tool listed here and check out the CPC of all of my keywords
- I try to target only keywords with a CPC of $1 or more
- I put my keyword into google and get the top 10 results
- I take all 10 Urls and put them into yahoo site explorer to see how many backlinks they have
- If out of the top 10 most have more than 100 backlinks I will find new keywords

4. Use a simple and Clean Theme
Domain Name – Keyword itself should be present in the domain name. For Example – if your keyword is toddler hoodies then your domain should be or .net or .org.

5. Write about 400 words of content on your product

- Write 3-4 articles on the product. Remember, articles should be keywords rich or fully keywords optimized on separate pages.
- If your wondering what to write about why not write it in a product review fashion?

6. Build 30 backlinks each week to each page until you are ranked

7. Add Adsense once you are ranked

- I wait until I am ranked to add adsense so I get a higher payout

8 * On Page Search Engine Optimization – This is the most important thing to consider. Always put your main title as the keyword you are targeting. Proper H1 tags, meta tags should be there. Download various Search Engine Optimization plugins like All in one Search Engine Optimization plugin, adsense plugins etc.. Create a sitemap and submit it to google webmaster tool for faster indexing.

* Off Page Search Engine Optimization – Here I’m going to mention some of the most common and working methods which will surely help you to be on top of the google for yourkeyword..

1. Submitting articles to ezine
2. High Google Page Ranking dofollow blog commenting
3. Link Wheels
4. Social Bookmarking
5. Forum Posting

9. Rinse and Repeat X 30 = 100/day