Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get free profile backlinks and PR

As many of you know, in this thread I'm creating a list of free web2.0 blogs for the creation of link pyramids or linkwheels. As I've been searching around I've come across something I think many of you will really enjoy. This technique lets you make a blog that can easily get free backlinks and PR.

vBulletin has a module for adding blogs to a forum. Here is a signature to search for in Google, in order to get related blogs for your niche.

"Powered by vBulletin" +"Recent Blog Posts" +{keyword}

I like to type +"Powered by vBulletin" +"Recent Blog Posts" +seo, because if the vBulletin forum is friendly to SEOs then they're ok with creating a blog for the purpose of backlinking. A simple search on +"Powered by vBulletin" +"Recent Blog Posts" reveals 11.8 million results -- that should keep you busy for a while.

Now, how about those free backlinks I was talking about? This search ...

"Powered by vBulletin" +"Recent Blog Posts" +"Recent Visitors"

reveals 8.2 million pages indexed. By default, vBulletin blogs show you the last 10 people who visited the blog. These 10 recent visitors consist of other members of the forum who have visited that particular blog.

So what do you have to do to get free backlinks for the new blog you just created? Simply browse around other people's blogs and profiles. Every page you visit while logged in will instantly add you into the last 10 recent visitors. If it is a blog that has 10s of thousands of profiles and hundreds of blogs, your profile can receive 10s of thousands of backlinks by doing nothing more than browsing around that forum a bit (this can even be scripted). The more backlinks you build internally, the higher PR your profile will become.

In the blogs I've examined, your profile page will also contain all your blog posts, so whatever backlinks your blog has in it will be on your new high PR profile page.

Here is an example of a website I'm talking about:
This is what your blog would look like

This is what your profile would look like

So not only do you have a huge list of sites to create blogs on using this technique, once you have created them you can instantly get them indexed and several hundred or thousand backlinks by doing nothing more than browsing other blogs and profiles on the same vBulletin site. I suggest only building quality blogs like this, because if a link to your profile suddenly is found on every members profile page, your blog will be looked at without a doubt. Enjoy!
By the way, there's lots of people wanting to know a good way to get their profile links indexed. Even if you skip the blogging part and go straight to other profiles, this method can get your profile backlink hundreds of internal backlinks for easier indexing.

If you are scripting the creation of forum profiles, just add an extra step of browsing extra profiles after you have created your profile to not only get backlinks, but also extra PR (especially if you browse the profile of an administrator or other heavy posters on the forum whose profiles get high PR on their own).

I've used this method in the past to get lots of PR6 forum backlinks to my website (back when had a forum that showed recent visitors), and lots of PR5 forum profile backlinks back to my website (when used to have publicly browsable forum profiles). Those two don't allow them anymore, and I'm not going to give away my current list ... suffice to say there are plenty of forums where you can make high PR profile backlinks to your site.