Sunday, August 28, 2011

Get Autoapproved Forum Profiles on EDU / GOV

I thought I'd share back to the BHW community. These are all fresh and auto-approved forums that lets you create a profile with website link under your username. ALL of them allow for 10minutemail emails.

Stuff into any profile builder you want or do them manually.

Remember to ping using pingler or another service to get indexed faster.
An easy way to get a few easy sticking edu/gov backlinks to your site. (Mirrored by jdcc. edu) (PR 6)

My last share was a decent amount of .gov and .edu signup pages found here. As you may know, the only drawback to mediawiki links is the majority of them are no-follow. Well, I am back to remedy that situation with some do-follow .edu and .gov links.;CODE=00;action=register

The dork used to find these. (Most of them anyway, be creative!) "forum"+"all times are"
I scraped more URLs using the OP's dork. Here are the URLs:

124 Unique .EDU domains
Just Scrapped 259 edu and gov links in the fitness niche

Thanks to the OP For the links