Friday, January 27, 2012

Free SEO Keyword Research tools

Keyword Research Tools
  1. Keyword Search Tool – Searches out the best keywords
  2. Keyword density tool-Digs out the best keywords fromOverture
  3. Keyword Rank Checker -”FREE keyword position tracker” a simple service that automatically monitors your keyword rankings for multiple search engines using the top 100 results using latest technology of api.
  4. Meta tag keyword research tool – Finds similar keywords from meta tags of websites.
  5. Overture Inventory tool – Gives frequency of search on Yahoo.
  6. AdWords External tool – Googles tool that shows frequency of search, advertisers bidding etc.
  7. Keyword Density Analyzer – Analyzes the density of one or more keywords on a page.
  8. Keyword Suggestions Tool – Provides keyword suggestions for a site.
Long Tail Pro is a desktop application assists users as a keyword research tool which is created by Spencer Haws from Long Tail Pro was born out as the needs for cutting countless hours searching for low competition keywords.