Monday, December 19, 2011

How to search in Google for “dofollow” related blogs to comment on?

I am really into SEO and believe it or not blog commenting plays a big part in this. I have a certain SEO track that I follow for all my websites and have even been experimenting with dead websites, bringing them to the top of the search engines. Commenting on a blog is mainly used for SEO purposes, however it can also bring you targeted traffic. But you cannot just comment on any old blog or website.

Blogs to comment on for SEO purposes:

  1. A “Do Follow” blog or website. This is the number one factor for commenting on a website or blog unless you are commenting to get traffic and not link juice. See what is a “nofollow” link? and how to tell if a blog is “nofollow” or “dofollow”.
  2. A blog that accepts comments. ( Obviously)
  3. A blog or website that is related to your niche. ( Not so Obvious )
  4. A comment luv enabled blog. A top quality link back.

How to find a “dodollow” blog to comment on?

I search in google to find blogs and websites that will accept comments and are “dofollow”. Here are some ways to search for a “dofollow” blog.
Commentluv Blogs: If you look for blogs that have this plugin they are almost always dofollow. They let you comment and also place a link to your latest post on your blog. The following search string will find a keyword in the title of a post and find you blogs enable with commentluv. So for example if I wanted to search for blogs that had the keywords “outlook express” in the title I would put the following:
intitle:outlook express “commentluv”

How to tell if a link is “dofollow”?

Even when you find a blog or website you still need to confirm that it is indeed “nofollow” free. You can do this by installing a free Firefox plugin that will highlight the “nofollow” link. 

Here are some more ideas to search for “dofollow” blogs:

intitle:computer tips “powered by wordpress”
intitle:computer tips “nofollow free”
Now please note…Even though a blog has a Nofollow free message or commentluv it still does not guarantee that its links are “do follow”.