Friday, August 26, 2011

How To Get Follow .EDU and .GOV Backlinks?

.Edu & .Gov BackLinks

What Are .Edu & .Gov Back Links

Very basically put, most Universities, Colleges, Government Agencies, etc have a website of some sort and their end tag will be .Edu or .Gov. They are a sponsored Top Level Domain (TLD) to be used by U.S. Institutions of higher learning & government. Having said that, most have a forum or blog on them as well where comments can be left.

Google™ holds these sites in high esteem usually giving them high PR making . edu back links and .gov back links a prime target for a one-way link back to your post/page. They can be a bit tricky to find and hard to get a link from even when you do find them, but it’s usually worth the effort.

How Do I Find .Edu & .Gov Back Links

You find .edu back links & .gov back links in exactly the same way… Now before I go into this you want to download SEO Quake, it’s free SEO Tool and a must for every Internet Marketer…
Remember PR is important, we are going after high ranking .edu back links and .gov back links and SEO Quake will show the PR of each site. I go into natural linking patterns in other posts, that is important, but we’re going for the gold today!!

I recommend using FireFox so you can have a few plugins running during this wich will make this a bit quicker for you and eliminate the less valuable sites. You should try and get webmastersquared. It shows the page ranks of any links on any page your viewing, making this exercise much simpler. I guess Google toolbar works too, but then you would have to visit each site…
Now that you have that installed, let me show you the way to use Google to find these valuable .edu and .gov back links.
Enter the below command into your search can just do a google search: "powered by wordpress" "powered by wordpress" inurl:blog "post a comment" inurl:blog "post a comment"